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Full text of "Libbey, the company and its glass: a selective bibliography"

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Compiled by Anne 0. Morris 





MA 1988 


A Selective Bibliography 

Edward Drummond Libbey was the key figure in founding 
both the glass industry in Toledo and the city's foremost 
cultural institution, The Toledo Museum of Art. This 
bibliography was prepared as part of Toledo's 100th 
anniversary celebration of Libbey's arrival here in 1888. 
Included are information sources on the Libbey Glass 
Company and its wares from 1888 to about 1920, which are 
available in the Museum's Art Reference Library. 

Other libraries with related information are listed at the end 
of the bibliography. 

A note about the classification code used: 

a two-line call number (e.g. R 18/W 151 I) indicates a 

book on the library's open shelves, 
Fiche are publications reproduced in microfiche 
format and require the use of a microfiche 
"E" refers to exhibitions, and 
"MC" to museum collection catalogues. 
Major references on company history and identification of 
Libbey patterns are starred (*). 

Preparation of this bibliography has been encouraged by the 
Museum Library League, a group which supports major 
library acquisitions and special projects. 

Anne O. Morris, Librarian 
The Toledo Museum of Art 

August 1988 


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Catalogue of cut glass: plain flute, [betw. 1900 and 1910] 

Fiche 14 
Cut glass, [betw. 1900 and 1910] Fiche 12 and Fiche 13 20 pages 

Cut glass, [betw. 1900 and 1910] Fiche 10 and R 18/L 694 AR10 45 

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Cut glass, 1909. Fiche 21 and R 18/L 694 AR6 
Cut glass, 1910. Fiche 22 
The gentle art of giving, cl905. Fiche 17 
The Libbey Glass Company; manufacturers of highest 

quality glass blanks for heavy and light cutting and 

engraving, [1920?] Fiche 24 
Libbey Glass Manufacturing Co., Toledo, Ohio: 

manufacturers of fine glassware since 1818, [betw. 1920 

and 1930] Fiche 25 
[Price lists for various patterns, 1905] Fiche 18 
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Rich cut glassware, June 1st, 1896 and Supplement, May 

1st, 1898, 1896-1898. Fiche 9 and R 18/L 694 AR3 and Suppl. 

+ This catalogue has been reprinted and is distributed by the 

American Cut Glass Association in cooperation with The Toledo 
Museum of Art. 


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Other Toledo collections with resources available to the public 
are the Toledo-Lucas County Public Library's Local History 
and Genealogy Department and the Ward M. Canaday Center 
for Special Collections at the University of Toledo's Carlson 

The former collection has considerable biographical and 
genealogical information on Edward Drummond Libbey and 
his family. Contained in the collection are newspaper 
clippings, journal articles, catalogs and published works about 
Libbey and Toledo's glass industry. Of special interest is a 
transcript of a 16 hour oral history interview with John David 
Biggers, former president of Libbey-Owens-Ford Company and 
a close associate of Libbey. The department has a complete 
inventory of the Libbey estate on microfiche. 

The Local History and Genealogy Department is located on the 

third floor of the Main Library at 325 Michigan and is open 

every day except Sundays. For more information, call (419) 
255-7055, ext. 233. 

The holdings of the Ward M. Canaday Center relate more 
directly to the Libbey-Owens Ford Company, but do include 
minute books of early Toledo glass companies which contain 
information on Mr. Libbey's management of those companies. 

The Canaday Center is open Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 
p.m. during University of Toledo sessions. Additional 

information may be obtained by calling (419) 537-4480.